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Conflict Analysis & Management

Strategies for analyzing and managing conflict
Design, develop, and implement internal dispute resolution systems
Interventions that improve relationships and build skill
Mediated disputes between individuals or groups, for strengthening and repairing relationships and issue resolution


 Family Relations

Restorative Action/Restorative Justice


Coaching through conflict – helping you prepare for a difficult conversation.
Coaching to further develop your skills in communication, assertion, conflict resolution, negotiation, or mediation.
Life coaching to build confidence, enhance skills, set goals, make decisions, clarify needs/values, and create actions to achieve goals – personally or professionally.
Design and delivery of training workshops which promote participation, practice, and plans for continuous improvement.
 Navigating Difficult Conversations

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Communicating Under Pressure

Negotiation Skills

Conflict Resolution

Communication Skills

Assertiveness skill

Stress Management