Coaching is about creating change. If there is something you would like to change in your personal or professional life, then coaching can help you progress in a way that aligns with your values. Coaching helps people shift from where they are to where they dream of being.

Coaching through conflict

  • Helping you prepare for a difficult conversation or negotiation
  • Understanding and managing the conflict within yourself
  • Managing conflict interpersonal conflict
  • Anger management

Coaching skill development

  • Coaching to further develop your skills in communication, assertion, conflict resolution, negotiation, or mediation.
  • Coaching and feedback to help you prepare for your mediation or negotiation certificate assessment at the Justice Institute.

Co-Active Coaching

It is normal to struggle at some point in your life, where you feel stuck and want change, but are unsure how to start. My objective as a Personal and Business Coach is to help you redefine and achieve your goals.

Here is a sampling of where coaching can benefit you:

  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships
  • Gain mastery of health and fitness targets
  • Increase confidence
  • Effectively assert yourself
  • Personal growth/development
  • Put fun back into your life!

Watch a short video for more info on what coaching is.

Pam's firm yet gentle guidance has lifted me out of lifelong habits and helped me see where my perspective was limiting the possibilities available to me. Every conversation with her turns on a lightbulb: her insights, intuitive awareness, and no-nonsense pragmatism are a rare combination. Whether you're looking to make a major life change, or just wanting to get the most out of the life you already have, you'll be richer for having Pam in your corner.
I have had the honour of being coached by Pam. Pam is an intuitive, kind and empathetic coach. She listens carefully to what is said and what isn’t said and helps you see different perspectives. One of Pam’s many gifts is to help people see their strengths, acknowledging you and making you feel heard. And Pam has held me accountable in a caring way, helping me achieve my goals. I recommend Pam highly as a coach!
A heron moves slowly through muddy waters….searching for things unnamed or sits patiently observing the world around them and other times the heron soars through the air full of grace and confidence, amazed at the beauty of the world around them. As a coach Pam is right there with me, slopping through the mud while I explore the dark times, waiting patiently as I explore and observe what’s around me and finally she helps me soar and see the beauty of the world within me. There are also times when the Heron makes a dive for something in the murky waters only to lose balance and fall in…..Pam is there too…with supportive compassion and sometimes to share in the laughter.
Pam is a great communicator and very observant, she identified what she saw, assessed my feedback, and formed a learning plan for me. She was also very encouraging, thorough and persistent. Pam would ask the right questions to challenge me to think. Pam has the ability to break things down to its basic form to make it comprehensible. Being coached by Pam was a positive experience, I’ve learned a lot and the sessions were always enjoyable/fun.