Training Workshops

With over 20 years experience, these workshops have been designed to promote participation, practice, and plans for continuous improvement.

Introduction to Conflict Resolution

Small or Large Group Instruction

Conflict in inevitable. As humans we have individual needs and goals that we try to meet. Conflict occurs when we perceive or experience:

  • Incompatible goals or needs
  • Different processes / routes to a goal
  • Interference in meeting our goals or needs
navigating difficult conversations

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Small or Large Group Instruction

Having difficult conversations is a key aspect of managing employees, and yet it is often the most uncomfortable.  We have a host of concerns that influence our decision about whether or not to engage in a difficult conversation, such as: retaliation; damage to relationships; angering others; impacting morale; making others uncomfortable, or feeling incompetent.

communicating under pressuer

Communicating Under Pressure

Small or Large Group Instruction

We have all felt pressured at one time or another to respond to a difficult question, opinion or request.  It may be that we require more time to reflect about what is being asked, or we struggle with how to say no. Or maybe we are just unsure of what we think or what we want.

giving and receiving feedback

Giving and Receiving Feedback

One-Day Course

Critiquing the work or behaviour of others can be one of the most difficult tasks that we perform as individuals, colleagues, supervisors and managers. We are often called upon to give feedback, which, if done poorly, can damage relationships, limit opportunities and increase stress.  Done well, it can change behaviour, reinforce behaviour, and foster continuous growth and improvement.

Assertiveness Skills

Small or Large Group Instruction

Every day we interact with others – in the workplace, at home, in our communities. Learn skills that will help you develop an assertive style under pressure. You will also learn how to strike a balance between asserting/speaking to express your perspective and listening to understand the other person’s perspective.

Communication Skills

Small or Large Group Instruction

We communicate, knowingly and unknowingly, every minute. We send messages with our words, body language and tone of voice, but is it the message we are intending to send? Similarly, we are receiving information constantly but are we interpreting it the way the sender intended?   Sending and receiving information and ideas accurately is essential to interacting with others, problem-solving, making decisions, preventing conflict, and resolving conflict.

Negotiation Skills

Small or Large Group Instruction

We negotiate every day – with co-workers, business associates, contractors, family, neighbours, and friends. We want what we want and will fight to achieve that. Unfortunately, this often results in people not wanting to work with us or deal with us in the future. Alternatively, they find a way to get even, which will either further damage the relationship or undermine you. Interest-based negotiating is a different way to approach achieving your goals.

Stress Management

Small or Large Group Instruction

What impact is stress having on your life, your health? The goal of this workshop is to gain more understanding about the impact of stress and explore some simple techniques to slow down and reduce your stress level.