Negotiation Skills


We negotiate every day – with co-workers, business associates, contractors, family, neighbours, and friends. We want what we want and will fight to achieve that. Unfortunately, this often results in people not wanting to work with us or deal with us in the future. Alternatively, they find a way to get even, which will either further damage the relationship or undermine you. Interest-based negotiating is a different way to approach achieving your goals. This form of negotiating focuses on accomplishing the task and reaching the goal, while building a collaborative relationship.

” Win/win is an attitude, not an outcome. “

– Don Boyd

Interest-based negotiating is different from positional bargaining where parties tend to argue and try to win at the other person’s or party’s expense. Interest-based negotiating focuses on meeting the needs of both parties and reaching a mutually agreeable outcome.

This course will help you prepare and conduct a negotiation that results in a win/win outcome.

Course content can be custom-designed to meet your timeline and needs from topics such as:

  • Conflict continuum – dispute resolution methods
  • Differences between collaborative & traditional negotiating
  • Positions, issues and interests
  • Communication skills for negotiators
  • The collaborative approach – model
  • Preparing to negotiate
  • Setting the context, framework and establishing a collaborative atmosphere
  • Establishing authority to negotiate
  • Clarifying the issues
  • Exploration of interests and building understanding
  • Assertive expression
  • Objective criteria
  • Transition/goal statements
  • Writing up a memorandum of understanding



The learning environment includes instruction, exercises, small and large group discussions, and lots of hands-on practice. My goal is to help you develop your skills and sense of confidence.


*Note: I am also a certified personal coach with experience working with individuals on this topic. I can work with you one-on-one to learn and practice these skills in a confidential setting.

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