Communication Skills


We communicate, knowingly and unknowingly, every minute. We send messages with our words, body language and tone of voice, but is it the message we are intending to send? Similarly, we are receiving information constantly but are we interpreting it the way the sender intended?   Sending and receiving information and ideas accurately is essential to interacting with others, problem solving, making decisions, preventing conflict, and resolving conflict.

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

– George Bernard Shaw

It is important to be able to effectively express yourself in a discussion and, equally important, to be able to listen to the other’s perspective. To do so well requires the attitude of curiosity combined with good technique. This course covers both and highlights the need for balance between listening and speaking in interacting with others and the value that brings.

We will also discuss what gets in the way of effective communication and how to overcome those barriers.

You will develop new listening and speaking skills or augment existing skills.

Course content can be custom-designed to meet your timeline and needs from topics such as:

  • Basic principles, barriers, perception
  • The yin yang of communication – listening and speaking
  • Levels of listening & self-assessment
  • Common conflict-escalating communication styles
  • Verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal messages
  • The Ideal Listener
  • Acquiring information through effective listening: elicitive questioning, paraphrasing, reframing, acknowledging, and empathic response
  • Asserting or speaking communication skills: “I” language and descriptive language to express needs and expectations effectively
  • Exploring differences between passive, aggressive, and assertive communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback: improving performance, minimizing defensiveness, responding to criticism, and setting limits



The learning environment includes instruction, exercises, small and large group discussions, and lots of hands-on practice. My goal is to help you develop your skills and sense of confidence.


*Note: I am also a certified personal coach with experience working with individuals on this topic. I can work with you one-on-one to learn and practice these skills in a confidential setting.