Conflict Analysis & Management

Workplace Mediation

Unresolved conflict in the workplace can result in low morale, cliques, inefficiencies, lack of productivity, physical and psychological illness, withholding information/knowledge, and competition – all of which are costly to an organization.

First, it is important to understand what is at the core of the conflict. Is it related to a substantive issue like roles and responsibilities, management of a project, or workload? Or is it procedural such as how decisions are made, interaction in meetings or how individuals work together? Or is it relational in nature such as personality differences, trust or how power is used?

Second, we would explore assumptions, needs/interests, impacts, and concerns. 

Finally, the team would create innovative solutions that are sustainable by meeting the needs of everyone involved.

Building Trust and Cooperation

For groups who want to build or repair the functioning and effectiveness of their team.

The group creates their picture/target of what their ideal team would look like (including attitudes and behaviours), identifies any potential issues or roadblocks, and designs a plan of action to begin work on the skills, roles and actions required to get there.

Interpersonal Dispute Resolution

Building understanding and creative solutions by shifting from conflict to conversation about the about the core issues, what is important to each person and the impact it is having.

When a harm has occurred (such as in the case of harassment, verbal abuse, physical altercations), we meet to identify the root cause, talk about what occurred, the impact it has had, and what solutions are possible to mitigate the problem and improve the working relationship.